Wednesday, April 29, 2009

allowing ourselves what we want

How is it possible that certain people obtain great things?
Simply because they believe they can, and of course they intensely want it, and they go for it, and they persevere till they get it.
How can somebody climb a mountain if he doesn't believe he can?
First, he will never try.
How can somebody achieve anything, if he never tries?
and will somebody try something, if he doesn't think he can do it?
And how does he know if he can or cannot do something, if he doesn't try?
How many questions! :D !
I find that many people ( and I was one of them ), even don't allow themselves to dream things they consider impossible for them.
But this very belief is an obstacle, if you think you cannot do something, that's what you'll obtain.
So next time you wanna do something ( something good, of course, ; ) ), but you think it's impossible, ask yourself, why not? am I sure? where is it written?

Monday, April 27, 2009


today I was slightly down, it rained, the sky was dark, I tried to feel better with music, video, imagination, nothing worked....surfing the web I stumbled upon an explanation of mudras, mudras are ways you hold your fingers to obtain energetic effects, they're used in yoga, meditation, healing... there was one mudra that suited to my situation, it is shown above, it is called acceptance mudra...I tried with both hands, almost immediately I began to smile, don't know if it was for the funny outcome, however it's worth a try.
p.s.: I must say that I kept on doing it during the day and my mood is dramatically improved.

Friday, April 24, 2009

N. 4 practice part two

We've seen how to handle positive thoughts and emotions, now we learn how to manage negative ones. The trick is the same, may be this time it is better not to indulge in bad thinking, but to understand his characteristics. Well, close your eyes and think about a bad experience you had, how you visualize it, what are the main features, are you in third person, as if you see yourself having the experience, or you see it as you are in your body, just through your eyes? You see it big, near you or far and small, in front of you, or at your side, high or low, dark or bright, focused or not? How do you feel inside? Now try to change the features and see how the feeling changes.
How was it first, how is it now, what did you understand?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I want to say a special hello to my dear, dear friends, the barefoot succumb sisters, the particles, and " The Wizard" who are visiting this blog, I love you all, dudes!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what cats are for, the pursuit of perfection and the sense of guilt.

this reflection began one day I was looking through my window at a cat who was wandering in the God, cats are so lazy! what they do all day, but waiting for food, sleeping, playing, follow their curiosity, and wandering around?
I realized that cats have no use ( except catching mouses ); ), yet they are on this earth and nobody blames them.
Maybe you are wondering if I'm mad, who knows! lol!
I get to the point, I used to feel guilty many times for many you know how is feeling guilty? I feel as my stomach is twisted back on itself, what is you way?
Why do we feel guilty? because we don't behave as we consider good....
I show you some exemple, if the dinner was not so good, I used to feel guilty, if the house was disordered....if I took some time for myself instead of working..etc
Now I know that feeling guilty have no purpose, it is not that next time you'll do better, I know it by experience, it's like a wheel, next time you'll do the same, and will feel guilty again...
Now what's the point in feeling bad with no purpose, none!
I found a technique to overcome this feeling, actually I mixed different things, when you feel this "something" inside, tell yourself, I forgive me for doing/don't doing this and I completely love and accept myself, and moreover think about something you've done that is worthy.
I do this before sleeping, I make a mental list of what I feel guilty about, I forgive myself, and then I make a list of all I've done well in the same day, most times the second list is more consisting than the first.
However the sense of guilt come out because unconsciously be believe that if we are not perfect, nobody will love us.
Next time you'll worry about being perfect, think about a cat!
But when you know you are going to do something really wrong, feel guilty before, may be this will prevent you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

a little bit of fun

ok, sorry but my childish part want to post something funny, my son made me see this almost a hundred times, I think it's nice.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

N. 3 let's practice!

try this simple exercise to understand how thoughts influence the way we feel.
If you want close your eyes, but you can do with your eyes open ( maybe you're accustomed with daydreaming ; ) ), relax, take some deep breath, now think a very beautiful experience you had.
Note if you see it in color or black and white, if it is close to you or distant, the "picture" is big or small? is focused or not?You see it just in front of you or in another position, where? How do you feel? These features, show you how positive experiences are catalogued in your mind.
Now try to change some feature, if it was colorful imagine it gray, if it was very luminous turn it dark, if it was big make it small, change the place, if it was close to you put it do you feel now?
or make it more luminous, more colored, nearer, bigger, how do you feel now?
Done? well! Tell me how it was.

what a wonderful world

Yes, there are ugly things in the world, but many beautiful ones too, let's decide where to focus our attention on :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can someone hurts you? (emotionally)

Recently I discovered that no, nobody can hurt us. Only we do. It happens often, someone says something or does something and we feel treated bad, we feel a pain in our chest, if you look carefully at the situation you'll see that you are producing that pain. It's impossible for some words to penetrate our skin and flesh, and to produce a wound. Yes, yes I know how it hurts, but really that sensation is produced by us, maybe the words or the behavior triggered something inside us, something from our childhood, and if you pay enough attention you realize that you can stop to do it.
When you realize that you are hurting yourself, ask yourself am I so stupid to continue? obviously not! ;D

Roy Martina's conference

I found this free video tonight, ( I saw it till 2.30 am :D )I knew Mr Martina only by name, but I never read his books nor hear him talking.
I liked him very much, I liked the irony, the fun attitude, and though I already knew what he was talking about I found a lot of interesting points and deepening.
It's about unconscious mind, resisting changes, loving ourselves, happiness without a reason.
The conference was in Italy but Mr Martina speaks in English with translation.
I hope you'll enjoy. Here the link.
If you don't know who Roy Martina is, the link to his site below

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was thinking and worrying about money, how to make it, how to pay all the bills, and then I read a statement on a blog, : "they loose their health to make money & then loose their money to restore their health.
By thinking anxiously about future, they forget the present, such that they live neither for the present nor for the future."
Incredible timing, ok, I got it, thanks! lol!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

step n. 2

As usual I make it very simple, imagine ...your son, your loved one, somebody you care is due to arrive at a certain hour, he/she's late, ten minutes, half an hour, one hour, two hours, you begin to worry, what if an accident occurred, you start to make a film in your mind of the terrible things may happen, you become anxious, you feel a pain in your chest, everything become dark, heavy, unbearable.
He/she arrives, all is fine, the burden is off, the sky is bluer and lighter.
Nothing bad happened, it was all in your mind, they were only thoughts, you made them.
Did they were useful, but to make you feel bad?
Now imagine, something beautiful, something that means a lot to you, a beautiful experience you had, your son smiling at you, having fun with friends, a nice trip, just see the situation like you are living it, feel the sensations, you are smiling, you are happy.
Ok, nothing real is happening, it's only in your mind, but you feel like it's true.
What you think, the movies playing in your mind, determines the way you feel.
So when you realize you are playing a bad film, stop it, ask yourself, is it real? is it useful to somebody? Why have I to suffer in vane? if you have a real trouble ask yourself, can my affliction help to solve the problem?

Monday, April 6, 2009


Cause I think laughing is a marvelous way to feel good, it enhances the endorphines, I post a link to a page where you can find some exhilarating pictures.

Friday, April 3, 2009

N. 1 let's make it simple

First step,

be aware that you create your happiness or your sorrow, it is not that they come from outside, it is only your mind that produces them.

You certainly know that there are many people who have everything: money, success, a loved one, a family, and yet they' re desperate, they' re depressed, angry and so on...

and there are people who has nothing and smile, how is it possible?

The way you feel it doesn't depend on reality, but on the way you perceive it.

It depends on the thoughts you have about your reality.

A very simple example:

you have a car, if you start thinking: oh, it's old, my neighbor buyed a new one, his car is better than mine, I don't have enough money to buy a new one, perhaps my family is ashamed of our car, do you think you'll feel?

If you think: I’m grateful that I have a car, I can go everywhere, I can work, I can carry my family around, if I wouldn’t have a car I should ….. , my car is pretty good, do you think you'll feel?

It's so simple, but it's true and you can apply this understanding to all.

Begin to notice the way you look at things, the way you think, and the feelings that derive.

Moreover it is not only that your thoughts affect your mood, your unconscious mind is very powerful and will drive you at everything you focus your attention on, for enough time and with enough strength.

Either is something you want or something you don't want.

If you think a lot about a problem, your unconscious mind keep you in it, so when you have a trouble, it's important to focus your attention on the solution rather then the difficulty itself.

I've tried it, and I can say it works …... I had problems with my little son, he was very naughty, and I was always thinking about that tiring situation, achieving nothing.

One day I started to think the way I wanted it to be, I imagined myself acting very cool and gentle with him, and him responding with calm, serenity, smile, and indeed I saw myself begin to act in that way, and my son's behavior resonate with mine.

It is like I “programmed” myself to obtain a certain outcome, and it worked.

So now it's up to you, realize you can be the only responsible of your well-being.

You have the choice, you can decide how to live your life.

Do you want to live in a state of bliss? you can!

You just have to want it, be a little patient ( it takes some time ), put a little commitment, follow the right hints, and you'll get it!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

18 simple steps to happiness

1 You, even if you don’t know, create your happiness, (or unhappiness ) so it’s better that you understand it quickly.
2 What you think ( the movies playing in your mind ) determines the way you feel.
3 If you think beautiful thoughts you feel good (oh my!)
4 If you think evil thoughts you feel bad (who'd ever said that?)
5 Be conscious of what you think (if you don’t, I’ll come there and hit you on the head, kidding!)
6 Your feelings show if you are doing good ( simply, if you feel good, you’ve got it)
7 You can change your way of thinking ( I explain…)
8 When you become aware that you’re thinking bad stuff, start repeating some kind of “mantra” like: stop!, stop!, stop!….or enough!, enough!,….or who cares!, who cares!…until you calm down.
9 Then start thinking something nice (a pleasant experience, someone you love, your baby, a beautiful song, an amazing sunset, vanilla ice cream…well, you probably know better than me, what you like)
10 Several times a day, just do things that make you feel good…hear your favorite music, smile with no reason, have a laugh, read jokes….I can’t tell you everything….
11 Love yourself (not in that sense)
12 Feel love, affection, sympathy towards people (don‘t overdo)
13 Be grateful for all the beautiful things you have ( make a list of them, including me )
14 Remember that chewing too much  over problems doesn’t solve them (it gives you only a headache)
15 If you made a mistake, never mind…next time you’ll do a new one.
16 Just imagine your wishes like you just have them, and be faithful …. That when you’ll win the lottery we’ll divide, thanks!
17 The good feelings, just spin them around
18 Put joy at  first place, in your life, together with: health, wealth, love, friendship…..who said that you have to give up something?

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