Wednesday, April 29, 2009

allowing ourselves what we want

How is it possible that certain people obtain great things?
Simply because they believe they can, and of course they intensely want it, and they go for it, and they persevere till they get it.
How can somebody climb a mountain if he doesn't believe he can?
First, he will never try.
How can somebody achieve anything, if he never tries?
and will somebody try something, if he doesn't think he can do it?
And how does he know if he can or cannot do something, if he doesn't try?
How many questions! :D !
I find that many people ( and I was one of them ), even don't allow themselves to dream things they consider impossible for them.
But this very belief is an obstacle, if you think you cannot do something, that's what you'll obtain.
So next time you wanna do something ( something good, of course, ; ) ), but you think it's impossible, ask yourself, why not? am I sure? where is it written?

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