Friday, April 3, 2009

N. 1 let's make it simple

First step,

be aware that you create your happiness or your sorrow, it is not that they come from outside, it is only your mind that produces them.

You certainly know that there are many people who have everything: money, success, a loved one, a family, and yet they' re desperate, they' re depressed, angry and so on...

and there are people who has nothing and smile, how is it possible?

The way you feel it doesn't depend on reality, but on the way you perceive it.

It depends on the thoughts you have about your reality.

A very simple example:

you have a car, if you start thinking: oh, it's old, my neighbor buyed a new one, his car is better than mine, I don't have enough money to buy a new one, perhaps my family is ashamed of our car, do you think you'll feel?

If you think: I’m grateful that I have a car, I can go everywhere, I can work, I can carry my family around, if I wouldn’t have a car I should ….. , my car is pretty good, do you think you'll feel?

It's so simple, but it's true and you can apply this understanding to all.

Begin to notice the way you look at things, the way you think, and the feelings that derive.

Moreover it is not only that your thoughts affect your mood, your unconscious mind is very powerful and will drive you at everything you focus your attention on, for enough time and with enough strength.

Either is something you want or something you don't want.

If you think a lot about a problem, your unconscious mind keep you in it, so when you have a trouble, it's important to focus your attention on the solution rather then the difficulty itself.

I've tried it, and I can say it works …... I had problems with my little son, he was very naughty, and I was always thinking about that tiring situation, achieving nothing.

One day I started to think the way I wanted it to be, I imagined myself acting very cool and gentle with him, and him responding with calm, serenity, smile, and indeed I saw myself begin to act in that way, and my son's behavior resonate with mine.

It is like I “programmed” myself to obtain a certain outcome, and it worked.

So now it's up to you, realize you can be the only responsible of your well-being.

You have the choice, you can decide how to live your life.

Do you want to live in a state of bliss? you can!

You just have to want it, be a little patient ( it takes some time ), put a little commitment, follow the right hints, and you'll get it!

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