Saturday, April 18, 2009

N. 3 let's practice!

try this simple exercise to understand how thoughts influence the way we feel.
If you want close your eyes, but you can do with your eyes open ( maybe you're accustomed with daydreaming ; ) ), relax, take some deep breath, now think a very beautiful experience you had.
Note if you see it in color or black and white, if it is close to you or distant, the "picture" is big or small? is focused or not?You see it just in front of you or in another position, where? How do you feel? These features, show you how positive experiences are catalogued in your mind.
Now try to change some feature, if it was colorful imagine it gray, if it was very luminous turn it dark, if it was big make it small, change the place, if it was close to you put it do you feel now?
or make it more luminous, more colored, nearer, bigger, how do you feel now?
Done? well! Tell me how it was.

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