Saturday, April 11, 2009

step n. 2

As usual I make it very simple, imagine ...your son, your loved one, somebody you care is due to arrive at a certain hour, he/she's late, ten minutes, half an hour, one hour, two hours, you begin to worry, what if an accident occurred, you start to make a film in your mind of the terrible things may happen, you become anxious, you feel a pain in your chest, everything become dark, heavy, unbearable.
He/she arrives, all is fine, the burden is off, the sky is bluer and lighter.
Nothing bad happened, it was all in your mind, they were only thoughts, you made them.
Did they were useful, but to make you feel bad?
Now imagine, something beautiful, something that means a lot to you, a beautiful experience you had, your son smiling at you, having fun with friends, a nice trip, just see the situation like you are living it, feel the sensations, you are smiling, you are happy.
Ok, nothing real is happening, it's only in your mind, but you feel like it's true.
What you think, the movies playing in your mind, determines the way you feel.
So when you realize you are playing a bad film, stop it, ask yourself, is it real? is it useful to somebody? Why have I to suffer in vane? if you have a real trouble ask yourself, can my affliction help to solve the problem?

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