Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what cats are for, the pursuit of perfection and the sense of guilt.

this reflection began one day I was looking through my window at a cat who was wandering in the God, cats are so lazy! what they do all day, but waiting for food, sleeping, playing, follow their curiosity, and wandering around?
I realized that cats have no use ( except catching mouses ); ), yet they are on this earth and nobody blames them.
Maybe you are wondering if I'm mad, who knows! lol!
I get to the point, I used to feel guilty many times for many you know how is feeling guilty? I feel as my stomach is twisted back on itself, what is you way?
Why do we feel guilty? because we don't behave as we consider good....
I show you some exemple, if the dinner was not so good, I used to feel guilty, if the house was disordered....if I took some time for myself instead of working..etc
Now I know that feeling guilty have no purpose, it is not that next time you'll do better, I know it by experience, it's like a wheel, next time you'll do the same, and will feel guilty again...
Now what's the point in feeling bad with no purpose, none!
I found a technique to overcome this feeling, actually I mixed different things, when you feel this "something" inside, tell yourself, I forgive me for doing/don't doing this and I completely love and accept myself, and moreover think about something you've done that is worthy.
I do this before sleeping, I make a mental list of what I feel guilty about, I forgive myself, and then I make a list of all I've done well in the same day, most times the second list is more consisting than the first.
However the sense of guilt come out because unconsciously be believe that if we are not perfect, nobody will love us.
Next time you'll worry about being perfect, think about a cat!
But when you know you are going to do something really wrong, feel guilty before, may be this will prevent you!

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