Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Do you know when you make a decision, when you go for a thing you know it won't succeed, you feel there is something wrong about it, but you still do it against all odds?
May be it won't succeed, may be you will suffer, but may be you will understand some important thing about yourself, may be you will resolve an important issue in your life, so you will be grateful even for that sorrow.
After all, everything is fine.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

n. 6 using feelings as an indicator

when you feel somehow uncomfortable inside, tense or sad, angry and so on...there is something wrong, stop for a while and look inside, what have you thought, to feel like this? or you did something that went against some inner value, is this value worth and just? or is just a limiting conviction?
If you feel paceful and serene, wow! great! you've got it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I apologise

....mostly with myself, for missing one of the most important lessons.
S l o w - d o w n, w h e n - y o u - r e a d, w h e n - y o u - w a l k, w h e n - y o u - l i v e, w h e n - y o u - e a t, j u s t - s l o w - d o w n - a n d - s a v o u r, o t h e r w i s e - r u n n i g - y o u - w i l l - m i s s - t h e - w h o l e - t h i n g.
I had an insight when I was reading a comment about a person's attitude, she was saying: I always want all at once, I'm never satisfied....here was the problem with me too.
Now I see, if you want more and more you miss what you alredy have, if you slow down with everything, you can really enjoy life, even doing the most normal things like washing dishes ; ).
And I see this attitude reflects in eating habits too, when you eat quickly, you even don't taste food, stuff goes down and you are never satisfied untill it is too late, but if you slow down while eating, and savour well, you will need less.

Monday, May 11, 2009

How to become conscious

The real way to become conscious of your thoughts is to watch them knowing they don't are Yourself, in fact they don't; mostly we become so involved in our thoughts that we believe they are ourselves.
It is like when you go to the cinema and you become so involved in the movie that you feel emotional, you start to cry or laugh, it is frequent.
The same, it happens with the movies playing in our minds, we start to believe so intensely in what we think that it becomes our reality, and we rejoice and we suffer only out of it.
But when you begin to see what you are doing you can stop it, immediately, and feel so peaceful.
If you never tried you cannot really understand, or you understand only with your mind, with logic, but when you experience it, it's totally different.
So try, it's worth.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

step n. 5, consciousness is the key

The only way to master your mind, your thoughts and your feelings is to become conscious of them, otherwise it is like you live on automatic pilot, and they will run by themselves, on the basis of your conditionings.
All the things we've been told ( or we've seen ) from our childhood, have been imprinted in our unconscious mind, but it isn't sure they are true or they're beneficial to us (eg. bad habits ).
When we are unconscious, and believe me often we are, it is like our computer is running by somebody else's program, furthermore a program laid out from a plurality of people.
That's why often we have a conflict inside, that's why sometimes a part of us wants something, and yet another part wants the opposite; that's because different voices are recorded in our mind, our father's, our mother's, grand-parents', relatives, teachers, friends.....and they are all different.
If you analyze your thoughts and beliefs, you'll find they've been told to you, by someone, during your life.
A trivial example:
I always believed that richness is bad, is evil, is unholy, that to become rich you have to exploit, you have to cheat, and so on ( I imagine this belief comes from religion, family, society ) ...not surprising that I always had difficulties coping with money, bills, business, etc... because the unconscious obeys to beliefs.
But let us see, if you make money honestly, doing good things, helping people when you can, what's wrong in it?
So, if you want to live as is good for you ( and in harmony with the whole, other people, the universe ), it's important to recognize your thoughts and beliefs for what they really are.

Monday, May 4, 2009

a joke

I found a marvelous joke here.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

how to free yourself from the sense of abandonment or the feeling of not being loved

I found this technique on a Claudia Rainville book, (Metamedicine) I've tried it and can say it frees clogged emotions.
It comes that, if in our childhood we've been abandoned or we've felt not loved, this very emotions can influence our adult behavior, or can create some illnesses, using this technique can relieve the situation.
Find a calm place to rest undisturbed for a while, lie down or sit at your ease, close your eyes and relax, take some deep breathes, go back with your mind at the time when you lived the painful situation, visualize yourself as a child for example, living that situation, may be if one of your parents have leaved you, let go the emotions you had at that time, now visualize yourself how you are now, go to the child you, talk to the child you, hug the child you, tell to him/her that for example your parent had no choice but to leave, or that he was unable to take on the responsibility, something that suit the situation, the things that you now understand.
Moreover tell to the child that you will be always with him/her, that all the love he/she needs, you will provide, that he/she has no fault, that he/she is lovable, and so on, what it comes.
I wish you all the best.
P.S.: I think it can also suit in a situation when somebody hurt you in other ways and, of course, not only during childhood.

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