Monday, June 29, 2009

New blog

I've just created a new blog, to share any idea it comes in my mind, that I think it's worth, useful, or funny, or all of them
Here: Random tips.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How I solved a food problem + zucchini spaghetti recipe

Usually food has nothing to do with my blog, but in this case it has to do with relying on my creativity to solve an issue I had with food.
I explain..... I like spaghetti very much and when I eat them, not so often, I eat a lot, cannot stop even when I'm full, I have to finish the plate, so at the and I find myself quite unable to move, and sleepy.
Last week I ate spaghetti and it went as above, so I told myself, this is not good, have to find a solution, I want something like spaghetti but healthier, lighter, and low carb....I knew there is spaghetti squash, but it is not easy to find and you have to cook it before use.
No, i needed something quick and easy...thinking...thinking, I imagined what if making spaghetti out of zucchini.
Little search on the internet and i found that somebody has already invented them :D.
Yesterday I bought zucchini and decided to give it a try.
I took one medium zucchini (only for me to taste), and grated it by the long side with a regular julienne grater, but I found that they sell a julienne cutter, and even a machine called spiralizer or saladacco, to do a better job.
However they came out nicely, a little more like noodles, and I kept them raw.
Then I made a spaghetti sauce, stirring fry with evo some chopped onion and half a bell pepper, chopped, when they became tender, I added tomato sauce and salt to my taste, and let all cook till done.
I put the zucchini spaghetti in the pan, turned with the sauce, and served.
I was very satisfied, the feeling of eating spaghetti, the zucchini taste was only slightly perceived, and I felt light after eating.
Even my daughter and husband said it was good, fine!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

at ease!

During some of these days I felt uncomfortable inside, was irritable for no reason, a little tired, don't know how to explain, I imagined I was in PMS, so nothing to do but to wait.
Yesterday, after half a day spent like this, a sudden thought came to me... you are doing it, you can stop it...immediately, the sensation was gone, I saw, unknowingly I was going over and over that mood in the same way sometimes, one goes over and over the same thought.
And when I became aware that it was me, producing that bad feeling, simply I stopped.

following my own advices about solving problems

My three years old son got a cold, stuffy nose and cough, mostly by night, he usually have it, several times a year.... I asked myself, how to solve this problem....the day after I spoke with a colleague about this, and he told me his son had the same problem and he solved with homeopathy.
I never trusted homeopathy, and never tried, but who knows, let's try..(in any case it does no harm).
I bought a syrup suitable for dry and productive cough (stodal) and a remedy for cold and nasal congestion (rimikind).
It is two days now, that my kid sleeps serene, breathes well and without cough.

Friday, June 19, 2009

why or how?

When I found myself in times of trouble....mmmm...looks like a song....I used to ask myself why, why, why?......even if the answer brought some brief satisfaction, now I know, with why you go nowhere, it is like walking around on the same track...if you want to make a step outside the circle and solve the problem you must ask yourself, how?...and wait, and ask, with trust, looking inside and outside of you, for the answer.
Maybe you will find it in your mind, maybe some opportunity will come, be patient and wait. If you really want the answer, it will come.
Give it a try.

Monday, June 8, 2009

n. 7/8 some kind of mantra

When you feel yourself entrapped in a recurrent negative thought...
when you are angry or sad.....
when you criticize yourself, a situation, or somebody else......
when a thought is of no use but to make you feel bad and it seems you cannot avoid it...
you can use a mantra.
A mantra is a word or a phrase continuously repeated (in your mind or out loud), until the previous thought disappear.
You can use whatever you like, for example stop,stop,stop...shut what....
or you can start to sing a song you like a lot, one of these songs sometimes we find ourself to sing without end, you can even choose a song for future situations.
Next time you will know what to do.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I find trust is a beautiful thing, having faith that all will be well, that actually all is well, I feel so serene.
Fearing about future or about not being able to do something, in effect I'm forgetting about life that is sustaining me every moment, the air I breathe, the home I live in, the job, all is provided, I take all for granted, don't even notice the abundance that surrounds me.
So why to doubt that tomorrow won't be the same? What for?
It's better to have faith that I will cope, I will find a solution to any problem.
I know by experience that it works, it brings its rewards.

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