Friday, July 3, 2009

9 - Shifting our attention on the positive side

Many people are accustomed, by family and society, to think negative, as I was, they don't even know they have the possibility to change their way of thinkin' (unfortunately we are not provided with an instruction booklet when we are born).
But fortunately, at the age of 40 I met someone who told me that it is possible, and everybody can do it, so I can define me lucky, and you too, because you are reading this blog ;-), if you apply what I tell you, your life can really improve, as mine.
So, here we are, as previously explained we can control our thoughts, and our thoughts, the images, the sounds we play in our minds effect the way we feel, so when we find ourself going over and over a problem, or complaining, or fearing some "possible" future event, first we want to realize this, then shifting our focus on.... finding a solution for the problem in some creative way...or counting our blessing, instead....or understanding that they are only thoughts, nothing real, then start thinking something positive. An example, you are complaining about your husband, what you hate of him ....instead start focusing on his qualities, on the many good things he does, if you really want you'll find something, lol!
I find this story is beautiful ....
is from "Love Stories from the Heart." It's called "Extraordinary People."
Larry and Joanne were an ordinary couple. They lived in an ordinary house on an ordinary street. Like other ordinary couples they struggled to make ends meet and provide for their children. They were ordinary in another way, also. They had their squabbles. Much of their conversation concerned what was wrong in their marriage, until one day when a most extraordinary event took place. "You know, Joanne, I have a magic chest of drawers. Every time I open it, it's full of socks," Larry said. I want to thank you for washing them all these years." Joanne peered at her husband over her spectacles. "What do you want, Larry?" she said. "Nothing! I just want you to know how much I appreciate the magic drawer." This wasn't the first time Larry had said something odd, but Joanne decided to put these remarks away in the back of her mind along with the previous ones. Later, Larry said, "Joanne, that was a great meal. I appreciate all your effort. I bet over the past 15 years you have fixed over 14,000 meals." A little later, Larry said, "Gee, Joanne, the house looks spiffy." Another time, "Joanne, thanks just for being you." Day in and day out, Larry continued to focus on the positive. Then one day, Larry said, "Joanne, I want you to take a little break. I will do the dishes." "Why, thank you, Larry." Joanne's voice sounded a little lighter, and her self-confidence felt a little stronger. A little later, Joanne said, "Larry, I want to thank you for going to work and for providing for us all these years. I really appreciate you. I love you."

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