Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to avoid things that are not beneficial.

Sometimes, a lot of people ( no, not me, I'm a Saint, you know ) go after things, although they know are not beneficial in the long run, for example someone who has high cholesterol and still wants a fatty steak or, a woman who wants more and more shoes, ( I'm the only woman in the world who has only two 5 or 6 pairs and doesn't want more ) even if she has already a lot and her account is in the, I came to know this trick, that can be very helpful in such a situation.
First, try to visualize something you don't like at all, something you find disgusting....ok? now take note of the image's features:
  • the object is near or far?
  • it's bright or dark?
  • in which part of the "screen" you see it, right, left, up, down, center....?
  • it has bright colors or is in B & W ?
  • it's focused or not?
Next, visualize the "item" you want to avoid, and give it the same qualities the unpleasant one had.
If you do this exercise for some day you will note how your feelings about the object, will change.

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