Thursday, July 16, 2009

Turn the light on!

I thought about posting something about the usefulness of pain as ... I don't say that you can be happy continuously, 24 hours a day, that you won't suffer any more for the rest of your life... sometimes suffering is unavoidable and may be useful, for instance experiencing it, gives you understanding of other's people problems, and it gives you the possibility to better appreciate good times...but I won't.
Instead I wish to focus attention, on a matter that I consider a nodal point.
When you suffer, in a psychological or physical way, you tend to fight against it, and continually think about it, this doesn't work.
In this manner you give strength to the problem, fighting it, is the best way to maintain it.
It is like being in a dark room and trying to kick darkness away. Impossible!
The only way, you know, is to bring some light in, and darkness is gone, you can turn the switch on, if there is one (otherwise go and buy some candles or a lamp ;-).
Same thing happens with bad thoughts, evil habits, evil in general, it has the same property of darkness, bring some good, and ill is no more.
For example, you have a bad eating habit, if you continuously think: "I don't have to eat junk food", and blame yourself, you will, for sure.
Instead begin to think about eating healthy, and one step at a time, do it, start small and grow.
I read a concept on an italian blog, I liked it, is about small changes...when you introduce little changes in your life, and maintain them, though you consider them small, results will be huge in the long run, like a little diversion in the trajectory of a straight line, you'll see, after a while how much the trajectory is changed.
Very inspiring for me.

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