Monday, August 3, 2009

11 - Love yourself!

Do you know when you are in love with someone? when you see this person as the most beautiful in the world ( or at least the most interesting ;), when you see especially his qualities, and you love his weaknesses too, when you forgive his faults, when you wish him the best, when you would give to him all the beautiful things and experiences, when you'd want to stay with him all the time?
Do you feel the same, towards yourself ?
If the answer is yes, great!
If the answer is no, start doing it.
You have the right and the obligation to love yourself, who should do it, instead of you?
Start to see yourself as a child, a child who needs love, and at the same time, be your parent, the one who gives love.
Start to see your qualities and the good things you do, forgive your faults and weaknesses.
Start to wish you the best, try to give you the best.
Enjoy your own company as if you were your best friend, after all you are.

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