Thursday, October 8, 2009

Decluttering makes me happy.

I was inspired to write this post by one of my favorite blogs, here.
It's about housekeeping that is one of the things I find more boring, and other than cleaning, the thing I love less (read hate) is to de clutter before cleaning, bend down to pick up toys, clothes, snacks' pack....and going around rooms to put things at places, you know what I mean...
Ok, I put it short, the way I found to be happier with my house is to eliminate the unnecessary, I don't say I have a "zen" house, my home is quite normal, but I try to keep less stuff in it, from time to time I eliminate what is not used, and I buy only what is strictly needed, or really, really loved :D
Another tip I find useful to mantain toys in order, is to keep a basket in every room, is so faster to clean up the mess.
Definitely I live better in a tidy home, and I have less to do...and I have more time to do what I like (internet) ;)
Here I found some intresting tips on how to declutter.

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