Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A bit of freedom (and shopping) makes me happy.

After a long period of duty, duty, duty, work, housekeeping, kids, and ... repeat, today I had two, yes I said "two" hours of total freedom ( I think prisoners have more freedom than me, yeah, I know I'm complaining), that I spent wandering downtown in search of something, yes, you guess right, for my kids.
However I enjoyed so much this time, I felt 20 years younger, that I recommend to everybody, most of all, mothers, take some time for yourself, sometimes, alone....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to obtain things.

Once I was a shy kind of person, afraid of asking anything, and ready to give up in front of the first difficulty.
Now that I'm more self confident, I discovered that when I put in my mind to obtain something, I can, yes I can ;D

My personal recipe is:

Kindness: when I talk to people in a kind mood, usually they respond in the same way, aggressiveness is often counterproductive.
And moreover, if asking for help, people often feel great about helping someone.

Firmness: if I know I am right, I don't give up. I don't let people trample my rights.

Persistence: again, if I am right, I don't give up, if I fail the first time, I try to find other ways, I insist and persist.

Mental flexibility: it seems opposite to the other points, but with it, one can be open to understand the situation well, what one can obtain, and the way to succeed, keeping in mind other's rights and points of view.

Be patient and be faithful that my need will be met.

And if, after all, I fail, I will know I've done all my best.
But often, he who leaves, loses.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In my own experience and understanding I found that all sorrow come from thoughts, and all happiness come from thoughts.
Life, reality, is nor good nor bad, it all depends on what you think about it.
And you can consciously decide what to think.
Change your thoughts and see how your mood change.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too many things to do?

Raise your hand if it never happened to you, to feel overwhelmed by the things to do.
( If you do it, I'm so glad ;)
If not, maybe your job, maybe the housekeeping, the family life.... some area of your life ( or all together ) seems to ask too much time and/or energy, and you feel like you cannot cope with it, you feel so small and weak, and would like to sleep until someone else finish it all.
But no, nobody else will do it, you know it, so it's better to learn how to cope without feeling crushed.
It happened to me recently, I accepted a new responsibility within my job, something that will cut off two hours a day from my life, add two sick kids, a huge pile of laundry to iron, a mess of a house and what you get?
Panic! Fear! How will I do it? I feel sick! I feel weak! Oh, my! I cannot!
So, what I've done to regain serenity?
1- I told myself with conviction, I can do it.
2- I visualized myself as a giant, and the amount of work as a tiny stuff.
3- I made a list, with the most important/urgent tasks to complete on top.
4- I started to do one thing at a time, concentrating on it, without thinking about all the rest.
Other points to keep in mind:
- first thing, that I "forgot" in my case: ponder well before accepting new responsibilities.
( but, on the other hand, if one remains in his comfort zone, he will never do something new )
- delegate, find some help if you can.
- take your time to rest and have fun.
- plan your day/week.
- eliminate, not so necessary and time consuming obbligations.
- remember you're human (or not?) don't ask yourself for perfection.

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