Friday, December 25, 2009

14 - thinking about problems.

Let's suppose one has a problem, something worrisome, so the person start to think about it a lot, right?
Usually one repeat in his mind, over and over, what has gone wrong, or what can go wrong, thus provoking anxiety, and a feeling that can be of rage, impotence, despair, etc....
Do you think this can help to solve the problem?
Often this leads only to feel bad.
And may be, to make the situation worse.
What I find to be the better behavior, when I find myself acting like this, is...
1- to recognize that this way of thinking is of no help.
2- to open my mind to find a solution
3- to do the best that I can
4- when I can't do anything more, to wait patiently and faithfully until the problem is resolved
5- trying to stay serene, knowing that feeling bad is of no use
Hope this can help ;-)

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