Friday, December 18, 2009

Think outside the box.

Yesterday my 12-y-o daughter, wanted to go shopping with me (alone), so I asked my husband to stay with the almost 4-y-o boy.
Hubby, after 8 hours of hard work, absolutely needed to take a nap, so, agreed but only if his son would take a nap with him.
Obviously the boy, after crying because he wanted to come with us, and being absolutely denied the possibility (shopping with him is too much stressful), agreed to stay at home, but only if he could see the cartoons.
Obviously again, papa, won't let him alone in the living room while he was sleeping, so, no way!
I told my daughter that she could go shopping way!
Then I told my daughter to go out with her friend...the cell phone was off!
Then I told my daughter we could go shopping tomorrow...sad face!
Let's say, that sometimes to have an agreement is somehow difficult.
And let's say that this discussion was not conducted in a composed way.
Then I thought, "wait! there must be some other way!" I calmed down and immediately
the solution came to me, we could go out after my husband wake up.
It was obvious, but nobody thought about it, because usually we don't like her to be out when it's dark, but being my daughter with me, there was no problem.
Why did I tell you this story?
Ah, yes, I thought that was a good example of how, when one cools down and opens his mind to other possibilities, a solution is often found.
And that often we are boxed in, by our habits, way of thinking, conditioning, etc....
Ah, the joys of having a family!

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