Thursday, January 14, 2010

The body mind connection.

Recently I had some insights about the connection between body and mind, in relation to body weight, and I would like to express them, seeing if someone can confirm them ( or not :).
One day I heard someone saying...oh, that person is so shallow! and I noted that person was so skinny.
Is it just a case, or effectively lighthearted people (shallow has a more negative meaning) are lighter, than deep and serious and thoughtful people?
Why often people gain weight after marriage and having babies (women), does it have to do with the burden of responsibilities this imply?
Is it possible that a married person grows fat to avoid hypothetical extramarital relationship? (becoming unattractive)
One day I read that sometimes people grow fat or become even obese because they unconsciously seek visibility and attention.
Being mostly a "mental" person, is it possible that the body needs attention? Thus growing more and more to be noted?
...too much for today...
What about you? Do you recognize yourself in anything I said? Opinions?

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