Sunday, January 24, 2010

My blog's policy.

I thought it was not necessary to write about it, but I saw and read something that made me change my mind.
So may be it's better to express my thoughts about this topic.
I, as a blogger, enjoy when people appreciate what I write (obviously), and comment about it, and may be follow me, but only if it is out of a total freedom, hopefully if it's really meant it.
I, personally don't follow blogs only because I want that they follow me, I read blogs that I really enjoy or that I find interesting.
And when I comment, I mean it, it is not because I have to.
It is true, that if you want to be known, and if you want to raise your readers, you have to visit and comment on other blogs, or join communities, as I did, however I want to stay true to myself, so I follow and comment only on blogs I really like.
So, now you know it, what do you think?
Thanks for listening.
After I wrote this I read my horoscope, here what it said:
"If you have to deal with groups of people or with the general public, you will advocate change and new policies".

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