Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being able to say no.

Sometimes, to say no can be difficult. We are afraid to disappoint other's expectations or to offend them, thus we prefer to renounce at our own good.
May be for the fear of not being loved or liked, may be because we believe in the goodness of helping people.
I totally understand it, I've been there, and sometimes, for the sake of a relationship, one have to compromise.
But there is a limit, when something becomes too stressful, when really one don't want/can do it, or when someone is taking advantage of you, i think it is so much better to say no.
Preferably a nice no.
Otherwise there is a high possibility that saying a forced yes, one will feel ill about it, will feel a victim, will feel resentful, will complain about it, can even become sick because of it, and surely will be untrue.
And if one allows someone to take advantage of him, because he doesn't want to say no, then it's his responsibility, and don't come to me to complain, okay? ;)
I find, one has to take care for oneself first, to love oneself first, then he will have the energy and the possibility to care about others.
If one sacrifices himself, expecting that others will do the same for him, don't be fooled, often it will not happen.
But when one does things out of love, 100% willingly, and without expectations, this is great :)

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