Saturday, February 13, 2010


I was reflecting about some strange behavior, when I had the inspiration to write this post.
All begun when I noted that a peculiar gift a husband gave to his wife, could have had a hidden meaning.
Obviously the wife was puzzled and annoyed by the gift, but if she tried to discover and understand what the meaning of the gift was, probably it would have been better.
The fact is, that we often, if not always, act unconsciously, but if we observe our or other's behavior attentively, we can discover a lot of things.
I make some example to better express my thought.
It can happens that we talk with someone, and despite what we've been said, we have a strange gut feeling.
May be, the person was lying, and somehow his face was "saying" the contrary of his words, and deep down we felt the incongruence.
If you carefully observe the face of people you are dealing with, you probably will know how this person is feeling, if he is bored, or angry, or distracted, or whatever...despite what he's saying.
Another thing I noted, about myself....I never eat bitter food, I hate it, I prefer sweet, and the case wants that I do all the possible to avoid life's bitterness, as my husband says I would like a life "all sugar and honey".
People that I know personally, that love bitter or tangy stuff, are a bit bitter themselves, and as I see, accept better life's unpleasantness.
It is well known that with our clothes, houses, cars, furniture, objects, we express what we are, or what we would like to be, we try to impress others, or we express our personality.
I was amazed how, reading with attention my own posts, I could have an insight of what was working inside of me, it was all there, written black on white.
Our likes, dislikes, choices, behaviors, can say a lot about our true self, so if you want to understand yourself or people, observe, and if you are puzzled by something, ask yourself, what could be the deep meaning?

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