Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The meaning makes the difference.

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How we see life, how we experience events, how we feel towards something or someone, it depends from the meaning we give to it.
And the meaning we give to it, depends from our previous experiences or from what we've been told, from what we believe.
Reality is as it is, but we attribute a quality to it, this is good, this is bad, I like this, I don't like that.
And often we judge, and we jump at a conclusion, without even being aware of it.
For example a person is ignoring me, I can think, he's annoyed with me (because I experienced a situation like that before).
Am I sure? or is this a meaning that I'm giving to the situation?
May be he has his own problems.
May be he wants to stay alone.
May be he's sad.
May be he's busy.
We don't know what the truth is.
When there is a situation, or an event that makes us suffer.
(or when we are aware that we are judging)
Ask ourselves, what is the meaning I gave to it?
What other possible meanings are there?
Eventually we can stop to give it a negative meaning.
Or we can stop to give any meaning.

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