Friday, June 11, 2010

How competition and awards are detrimental for individuals....

....but are good for the society.
Today I was reading a post over at Terra Del Sole, and I got angry.
I was (am) angry at the kind of society we are living in, that makes people unhappy.
And we ARE the society, unconsciously we bring forward what are, for me, ugly traditions, and I explain you why.
The post was about a child who was sad for never winning an award at school.
Let's talk about competition.
We are full of competitions, starting from sports, school, job, family....
What competition is for?
People strive to improve themselves, because they want to be considered better then others, because they want to be admired, because finally what they really want is to be loved.
Because they are not so able to love themselves, 'cos if they were, they wouldn't care about others' admiration.
The result is, we can have great achievements, but are we happy?
May be the winner is happy for a little while, but then he has to keep winning, or better improving, which is hard, second he has to deal with other people's envy.
Want to talk about the fact that if there is one winner, all the others are losers?
How happy are they?
In my point of view, competition mostly bring misery.
Awards are part of competition, are something that makes you feel special for a while (and all the others, losers ), are something in whose name you are willing to sacrifice yourself.
Awards and competition, are tools with whom the society keep people productive and quiet, basically "slaves".

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