Monday, August 23, 2010

Consciously directing your thoughts.


The more time you spend thinking positively, less are the probabilities to have negative thoughts.
Consciously directing your thoughts towards the positive, makes you feel better, but it's not always easy.
One of the solutions can reside in writing them.
Putting your thoughts on paper can be very useful and focusing.
One tool for doing that can be The book of positive aspects, to know more click here.
Another tool is The rampage of appreciation, click here.
Another one is: Wouldn't it be nice if....?
When there is something that's not going as I wish, or something that I would like to achieve, but it's difficult,
I write it on paper in this form.
Eg: wouldn't it be nice if my two kids go well together?
It put me in a far better mood than to think: WTH don't they stop to fight?
And if I am in a good mood and calm, there are higher possibilities to find a solution.
Cheers! ;)
All these tools are from the book: Ask and it is given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.
Have I told how much I appreciate that book?

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