Sunday, August 8, 2010

Enjoying being alone.

I saw this video on this blog, and it inspired me to write this post.

In my experience I found that we are raised with the fear of being alone, almost everybody consider family and friends the most important things in the world.
Are we social animals?
May be yes, in a threatening world, counting on other people's help, love and support is a form of security, something that gives us peace and tranquility.
Allows us to not to feel worry and get ahead with our own life.
And to be happy, yes?
But this tranquility has a price, and the price is freedom.
Because to get along well with people one has to compromise, and if you are afraid of being left alone you are ready to compromise yourself too much.
One thing is to deny yourself in order to please others, because you are afraid to be alone.
Another thing is to love yourself, to please yourself, to enjoy whatever you do, when you are alone, and when you are with others it's beautiful as well.
But you can be well in each case.
You are no needy, and you know what? people will like you more, but this is only a secondary effect.

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