Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What am I? What are we?

I could say I am a 42 years old woman, a wife, a mother, an Italian...what else?
To be able to live in our society we are taught from babyhood to tag everything, we divide things and people and animals, all in groups with certain features, but.
I am 42 years old, yes, but what is time?
Actually time doesn't exist, isn't something real, it's created by men for.... organizing things?
The only time there is, is the present moment.
So I don't have age, wow!
Woman, what is a woman? it's a human being with female reproductive system, ok I'm a woman, but if by woman you expect someone with a dress and high heels, make up and purse, sorry I'm not a woman.
I'm a wife, but what exactly is a wife, are we all the same? (husbands are not allowed to answer)
A mother?
I'm Italian because I'm born and live in Italy, but what exactly an Italian is like? (Hey! in the whole world pizza is loved)
Etc, etc...I could say I'm a human being, or better a living being, but when science says that there is no matter, we are only a bunch of atoms, kept together by energy, actually matter is slowed energy.
So what am I?
I'm energy and everything else around is energy, in different forms.
If so we are all part of the same stuff.
If so me, and you, and the rock, and the tree, and the sea, we are all the same, and yet everyone is unique.
So why to insist in grouping and dividing, and fighting?

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