18 Steps.

It all started like a game, the 18 steps, the way they are written, but the concepts lying there are very important for me (or at least most of them).
It was the beginning of my new era, when at the age of 40, I finally started to understand that I'm no victim of life, circumstances, destiny, that how I feel it depends on me.
So here you are, the 18 steps, but if you deeply understand from # 1 to # 5, you are done, the rest are "side dishes" ;)
Another thing, understanding it's important but most important it's doing.

1 You, even if you don’t know, create your happiness, (or unhappiness ) so it’s better that you understand it quickly.
2 What you think ( the movies playing in your mind ) determines the way you feel.
3 If you think beautiful thoughts you feel good (oh my!)
4 If you think evil thoughts you feel bad (who'd ever said that?)
5 Be conscious of what you think (if you don’t, I’ll come there and hit you on the head, kidding!)
6 Your feelings show if you are doing good ( simply, if you feel good, you’ve got it)
7 You can change your way of thinking ( I explain…)
8 When you become aware that you’re thinking bad stuff, start repeating some kind of “mantra” like: stop!, stop!, stop!….or enough!, enough!,….or who cares!, who cares!…until you calm down.
9 Then start thinking something nice (a pleasant experience, someone you love, your baby, a beautiful song, an amazing sunset, vanilla ice cream…well, you probably know better than me, what you like)
10 Several times a day, just do things that make you feel good…hear your favorite music, smile with no reason, have a laugh, read jokes….I can’t tell you everything….
11 Love yourself (not in that sense)
12 Feel love, affection, sympathy towards people (don‘t overdo)
13 Be grateful for all the beautiful things you have ( make a list of them, including me )
14 Remember that chewing too much  over problems doesn’t solve them (it gives you only a headache)
15 If you made a mistake, never mind…next time you’ll do a new one.
16 Just imagine your wishes like you just have them, and be faithful …. That when you’ll win the lottery we’ll divide, thanks!
17 The good feelings, just spin them around
18 Put joy at  first place, in your life, together with: health, wealth, love, friendship…..who said that you have to give up something?

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